Medical Clinic FAQs

Do you accept insurance? Yes, we accept a wide variety of insurance plans, including Medicare. Do you serve children and adolescents? No, we only serve patients that are aged 18 years or older. Do you offer COVID-19 testing? Yes, we also offer COVID-19 testing. Do you provide flu shots and vaccines? Yes, we offer vaccines […]

IO Medical Testimonials

I have visited IO medical on several occasions and I can tell you that they really do care.  They take time to listen and I never felt rushed.  Dr. Raquel and Dr. Dioben are two of the most sincere and caring Doctors I have ever met.  I would highly recommend them to anyone that reads […]

Annual Medical Checkups

Make an appointment today and let us help you We’ve got you covered. At IO Medical, we welcome annual wellness visits and provide top-of-the-line physical examinations. Step 1: Schedule an Appointment Book your one-on-one appointment with IO Medical.     Step 2: Speak to a Doctor Meet with an experienced internal medicine physician to discuss […]

Internal Medicine

Your Go-To Primary Care Physician. Take Back control of your health with the help of your IO Medical Team.   Book an appointment today to meet with a Board Certified Internal Medicine Doctor. We want to develop a trusted, long-term doctor-patient relationship, where you will find expert medical guidance to improve your health and keep […]